The Quebec company Bleuh launches its new light cannabis products De La Ferme

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The Quebec company Bleuh will soon be marketing its new lite cannabis products at provincial recreational cannabis retailers. These products with a low THC content (less than 2%), marketed under the De La Ferme brand, will be available from February.

Bleuh intends to meet legitimate consumer demand by offering quality recreational cannabis products with low THC content. In February, Canadian consumers will have access to more than fifteen recreational cannabis products Blueh and Of the farm.

CBD’s New Hashish

The Farm's CBD Hashish

The Farm’s CBD Hashish

Made in an artisanal way, this hashish with unique aromas will contain more than 32% CBD AND 10% CBG, a first in Canada. This ”old school” hashish is the result of a blend made from top quality ingredients from cannabis flowers. The product will be sold in a 3.5 g format in an amber glass container.

The new CBD flower sticks

CBD flower sticksCBD flower sticks

De La Ferme CBD flower sticks

The light cannabis pre-rolls will be available in a 7-unit format. Each flower stick contains 0.35g of ground flowers and boasts a CBD content of approximately 12% and less than 2% THC. Cherry Blossom flowers will be used for assembling each stick.

The new HAUT CBD dried flowers

The new HAUT CBD dried flowersThe new HAUT CBD dried flowers

The New High CBD Dried Flowers From The Farm

From responsible cultivation, HAUT CBD flowers are marketed in a 3.5g format. The average CBD level shows 14% and less than 2% THC. Each flower has a nice intensity of terpenes.

The Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom CBDCherry Blossom CBD

The Farm’s Cherry Blossom CBD

Cherry Blossom is a very popular variety in the United States. In Quebec, it will be marketed in a 15g format with an average CBD level of 14% and less than 2% THC. Its unique flower heads offer a wide variety of natural aromas. The Indica-dominant Cherry Blossom is responsibly grown in the Centre-Du-Québec region.

The new BLEND CBD dried flowers

CBD BlendCBD Blend

CBD Blend From The Farm

Marketed in a 28g format, each flower has a CBD rate of more than 10% and less than 2% THC. The different cultivars used for this mix come from light cannabis varieties grown in Quebec.

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