The different types of ashtrays for smokers

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A smoking accessory in its own right, the ashtray comes in various shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Let’s take a look at the three most common types of ashtrays.

The classic ashtray

The role of ashtray is to collect the ashes of cigarettes or cigars in order to avoid finding them on the ground or scattered all over your home or garden. There are many types of indoor ashtrays. There are the most basic in glass or aluminum. However, even very aesthetic, they can quickly denote in a room since the content is generally visible. In addition, used outdoors, all you need is a draft for the ash to fly away with the wind.

There is also another type of ashtray called indoor, a little more practical since it has a tank to accommodate ashes and cigarette butts. It therefore eliminates the problem of aesthetics indoors and that of practicality outdoors since the wind will therefore pose no problem.

The outdoor ashtray

Outdoor ashtrays are also called community ashtrays. They concern all the ashtrays that can be found in the streets or in businesses, near smoking shelters. Again, there are various models and various capacities.

Wall-mounted or free-standing, outdoor ashtrays meet the habits of smokers in public places. They also prevent cigarette butts from being thrown on the ground. Some are sometimes equipped with an additional bin to dispose of empty packets or other waste. Others are equipped with two tanks to launch “votes” among the population of smokers, for example.

The portable ashtray

Also called a pocket ashtray, it is a small container in which the smoker can deposit the ashes of his cigarettes or cigars throughout the day. Thus, he can smoke anywhere without generating waste on the public highway or at third parties.

Practical, it slips into the pocket or attaches to the key ring to be taken everywhere. It is also a keychain that comes in several shapes: round, rectangle, cubic, etc.

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