Salt Bae teases its brand of cigars

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He is an emblematic character of social networks. Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe has just made a strange video in which he “plays” with a cigar. According to some sources, he is about to create his own brand.

A music video that leaves little to the imagination

At the beginning of December, the man who fans call “Salt Bae” published a new video, but this time, we don’t see him salting or cutting a piece of meat. No, he’s just sitting, holding a cigar in his hand. After sniffing, caressing and inspecting it, he finally puts it in his mouth.

Then, on his Instagram account, between the videos and photos of Chef where Nusret salts the meat, cuts it or serves it, several publications have been linked to the cigar since December. We see him sometimes playing mafia at a poker table, sometimes on a seat playing with an extinguished cigar.

Salt Bae teases its brand of cigars
Photo credit: @nusr_et

A new brand of cigars in Dubai?

Many hallway rumors suggest that the Turkish chef would seek to invest in the world of cigars. While some say he wants to take control in this fairly closed world, others claim he is creating his own brand. It would therefore seem that Nusret’s new fad is still luxury, but after food, he would have set his sights on cigars.

Behind the iconic little rimmed glasses, is the famous Salt Bae becoming a formidable businessman? You have to admit that he leaves some doubts, especially after his last video in which he wears a striped suit, a turtleneck sweater and his famous cigar. Hair impeccably smoothed and tied back, he looks like a Mexican baron. Like a true aficionado, he twirls the cigar in his hand, sniffs it and inhales all the flavors. Then he examines a well-stocked cigar box.

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