Patricia Arquette and Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in Cann and Weedmaps’ new Pride campaign

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Cannabis drink brand Cann and Weedmaps have teamed up for a new Pride campaign that features Patricia Arquette and a host of stars celebrating “queer joy, inclusivity and cannabis”.

Arquette joins Gus Kenworthy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kornbread, Kerri Colby, Jorgeous and others in the original song and music video, dubbed “Taste So Good.”

Actress Patricia Arquette, known for her roles in Medium or more recently Severance, is also the co-founder of cannabis lounge Los Angeles-based Fantom Flower, which is set to open next year. Arquette told Vanity Fair that his work with cannabis is about shedding light on how “cannabis has been a part of cultures, throughout time.”

For herself, who grew up in California, cannabis was often in the spotlight, even at home.

“I have an interesting history with cannabis, I guess, in that my dad was a real stoner growing up,” Arquette told Vanity Fair. “Weed was kind of always a bit of a conversation around the house.”

Cann, which raised $35 million earlier this year ahead of its Canadian launch, produces a line of flavored drinks, each containing 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD.

The ad campaign is meant to be “a rallying cry and anthem for a movement focused on radical inclusivity,” according to a press release.

“As a queer-founded brand, it was a dream come true to work on this campaign with the most incredible tribe of queer icons and celebrity allies to showcase the new Lite flavors while championing our message of equality. for Pride,” said Cann co-founder Luke Anderson.

Juanjo Feijoo, CMO of Weedmaps, said the company is eager to participate in a campaign that promotes “inclusion within the cannabis economy”.

“We share a similar vision and understand the importance of championing this community so that everyone feels welcome and accepted in the cannabis industry and is empowered to grow their business,” Feijoo said.

“We are thrilled to rally behind bold and impactful LGBTQ+ voices and advocates in an effort to further support and provide opportunity for this important community. »

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