Ohio to vote on cannabis legalization in November

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The militant group Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMA), based in Ohio, has won approval for a citizens’ initiative to legalize the cultivation, manufacture, testing and sale of cannabis for residents over the age of 21.

In July, activists submitted 123,367 signatures to qualify for the November ballot, but they actually needed 124,046 signatures. “It looks like we’ve been a bit short in this first phase, but we now have 10 days left to find 679 voters who will sign an additional petition – it will be easy, as a majority of Ohioans support our proposal to regulate and tax adult cannabis use,” CRMA spokesman Tom Haren said at the time.

Activists scrambled to collect the remaining 679 signatures, and submitted 6,545 so that the initiative could be put to the vote.

Tom Haren is confident about the success of cannabis legalization. “We always thought our topic was popular and would be passed regardless of when the election is or who we share the ballot with,” he said.

According to a recent poll conducted by the University of Suffolk, 59% of voters support legalizing the possession and sale of cannabis.

An article published by researchers from theOhio State Universitytitled ” What Tax Revenues Should Ohioans Expect If Ohio Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis (What Tax Revenue Should Ohioans Expect If Ohio Legalizes Adult Cannabis?) revealed that Ohio could collect up to $403.6 million in annual tax revenue if cannabis were legalized. This is the second time researchers have published a report on the potential impact of legalization in Ohio, which previously estimated the state could gain between $276.2 million (last year’s estimate) and $403.6 million after five years of legalization.

“While these projections are subject to various assumptions, the tax revenue experiences of other states support claims that Ohio has the potential to generate hundreds of millions in tax revenue from a mature tax market. ‘adult use,’ the researchers write. “For comparison, for fiscal year 2021, casinos in Ohio generated gross tax revenue of over $300 million, so it’s possible that cannabis sales in Ohio would generate comparable tax revenue. to those currently collected through the tax on gross casino receipts. »

The researchers concluded that these estimates of annual cannabis tax revenue would be impressive, but would only represent a small percentage of Ohio’s more than $60 billion annual budget. »

In 2020, the only initiative asking Ohioans to vote on cannabis legalization was defeated due to a lack of valid signatures.

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