Is CBD Marijuana?

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In the world of botany, hemp, cannabis and marijuana belong to the same species. The difference between hemp and cannabis comes from the THC content. A strain with less than 0.2% THC will be called hemp, while a strain with more than 0.2% THC will be called cannabis. Marijuana or marihuana, know that only the writing changes, not the meaning. Marijuana is a narcotic made from Indian hemp. In this hemp, several cannabinoids are present, including cannabidiol, also called CBD. All of these plants are the same species, so are they all drugs? And the cannabinoids that are extracted from them, are they considered narcotics?

The difference between CBD and marijuana

The term marijuana is a slang for the cannabis plant used for medicinal or recreational purposes. Regardless of the term used, marijuana, hemp or cannabis, it is important to know that we are talking about the same original plant: Cannabis Sativa L. The term hemp, on the other hand, is suitable when the cannabis plant is used industrially. . Once you understand what these three terms mean, it’s important to understand what CBD is.

Within the cannabis plant are 100 different substances. These substances are called phytocannabinoids. Among these substances are two more famous than the others: CBD and THC. CBD is the one that will interest us, because it is on the rise right now. CBD, cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive molecule.

Is CBD considered a drug?

Some products are considered drugs in France. It is forbidden to consume, hold and sell these products. Arranged in four categories, cannabis is part of the psychotropic hallucinogenic drugs and other psychedelics. The other categories are sedating barbiturates, natural and synthetic opioids, and stimulants. CBD comes from cannabis, but does not have the same effects as cannabis on our body. As this substance is non-psychoactive, it will not cause hallucinations or other side effects. In the cannabis plant, it is the THC that acts as a psychotropic agent.

When you purchase CBD products, some may contain THC. In France and Europe, the dose of THC is regulated. Products sold legally will contain less than 0.2% THC.

CBD and THC: two very different cannabinoids

THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is the active substance present in cannabis which will bring psychotropic effects to the consumer. When a person who uses cannabis says they are “high” or “high”, it comes from that particular molecule. Recreational cannabis contains THC and is prohibited for sale in France. CBD is a whole different molecule. It is nothing like THC even though it comes from the same plant. CBD may have a sedative effect and relaxing properties, but will not have a psychotropic effect. By consuming CBD, you cannot feel “stoned”, you will only feel calmer and relax.

Legal CBD in France

Cannabis and THC are prohibited by French law. CBD, no. In France, the sale of CBD is authorized in several forms, its purchase and consumption too. You can get them in specialized stores and on many e-shops. To appeal to current and future consumers, various CBD-based products are offered: CBD oil, CBD-based e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, cosmetics, chewing gum, flowers of CBD… However, for these products to be sold and consumed legally, the THC level must be below 0.2%.

The virtues of CBD on our health?

CBD is increasingly popular with the French. Stores are opening in all major cities, and e-commerce sites specializing in CBD products are starting to flourish. Why such a craze for cannabidiol? Quite simply thanks to its many virtues. Studies have been carried out, CBD can be used as a medicine or a relaxant. During stress and anxiety attacks, consuming CBD in oil or other form can help. It can also help people with epilepsy, inflammatory pain, nausea, migraines and insomnia. Of course, like any substance, you must follow the doses recommended on the products or by your doctor.

Smoking CBD: the impact on our health

In “smoking CBD”, there is “smoking”. While smoking CBD will be less harmful to your body than smoking cannabis, it is still harmful to your health. When you smoke, you smoke tobacco. Tobacco is and will remain a major risk factor for oncological, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases… CBD is sold in several forms, including forms that do not require tobacco while taking. By choosing CBD oil, you are preserving your health while enjoying the benefits of this substance.

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