Accessories for the maintenance of the shisha

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Maintaining a hookah is essential to guarantee its proper functioning, but also your pleasure when using it. Here are the essential accessories to effectively clean your shisha pipe.

Specific accessories and products

The very design of the shisha sometimes makes it difficult to clean. It is for this reason that there are accessories dedicated to cleaning hookahs. They allow you to reach inaccessible corners so that your shisha is perfectly clean.

The accessories and products necessary for the maintenance of a shisha

The bottle brush

Also called a cleaning brush, the brush is essential to keep your shisha in good condition and perfectly clean. It sneaks into the smallest corners and also passes through the narrowest orifices. Its small hairs rub the walls to remove the smallest deposits. Some brush models are fixed and others are flexible to fit the shapes of the most complex hookahs.

The cleaning brush

If the brush is perfect for the vase, the cleaning brush is very useful for the chimney. Thinner, it slips ideally into the duct to rub the walls.

The sponge

The sponge is very useful for cleaning the entire exterior of the shisha, but also for cleaning the hearth. It is a detail not to forget to clean to keep a clean shisha!

Accessories for the maintenance of the shisha

Cotton swabs and cloth

Cotton swabs are ideal for cleaning small parts and pipe mouths for example. As for the cloth, it is used to wipe and remove any traces of water on the vase of the hookah.

The cleaning fluid

You can absolutely use warm soapy water to clean your shisha. However, there are also specific and organic products to remove the smallest deposits and dirt effectively. The Limpuro brand, for example, offers an organic and gentle liquid to clean the walls of your hookah.

powder cleanser

There is also cleaning powder, more economical, but just as effective. Just dissolve it in a little water and let the mixture act directly in your shisha before rinsing thoroughly with clear water.

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