German Cannabis Social Clubs organize to promote self-cultivation of cannabis

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A dozen German Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) founded the “Dachverband der Cannabis Social Clubs Deutschland” (Association of Cannabis Social Clubs of Germany) in Berlin at the end of October. The CSCD will help people grow their own cannabis plants and politically represent the growing number of growing communities.

The CSCD, in addition to representing the interests and being the spokesperson for Cannabis Social Clubs in Germany, is considering several ways to help German CSCs.

It will support clubs with education campaigns on CSCs, help members manage clubs, and provide services related to self-cultivation of cannabis.

“The time has come,” said Steffen Geyer, CSCD President, “to do what no one has ever done before in Germany, or even in Europe – we have organized ourselves to provide our members with the best cannabis that we can, cheaply, flexibly, with respect for quality and within a social network”.

“The association currently represents nearly two dozen clubs with a few hundred members. But we […] we are already seeing a wave of CSC creation,” reports CSC Hannover President Henry Wieker.

Gaby Kozar, spokesperson for ENCOD in Austria, who participated online, stressed in her welcome speech that CSCs across Europe are waiting to see what happens in Germany. The mistakes made in the future regulation of the first EU country to legalize the cannabis market could be repeated in other states.

ENCOD, the European Coalition for a Just and Effective Drug Policy, has been promoting Cannabis Social Clubs across Europe since 2003 and has also financially supported the founding of the German association.

The CSCD has announced that it will soon present a catalog of demands from the several hundred organized cannabis self-cultivators.

What are Cannabis Social Clubs?

Cannabis Social Clubs are non-profit associations for the collective cultivation of cannabis.

They teach the skills needed to handle live hemp plants, organize collective cultivation and distribute cannabis products to their members.

Cannabis social clubs promote responsible consumption and the safe use of cannabis products through close social contact.

Cannabis Clubs already exist officially in Uruguay, Spain, Belgium (where they have a hard time) or in the United Kingdom. For advocates of CSCs, they are an effective form of cannabis abuse prevention through their low-threshold approach to social control.

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