First reading of the German cannabis law in the Bundestag next Friday, October 13

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The plan to legalize cannabis in Germany will be on the agenda of the Bundestag on Friday October 13, 2023.

The CDU/CSU group, which opposes legalization, will also table its motion entitled “Stop the legalization of cannabis, improve health protection – strengthen education, prevention and research”. It will be discussed during a 40-minute debate.

Both motions will then be referred to the parliamentary health committee for further consideration.

At the end of last month, the CDU/CSU motions failed in the Bundesrat.

The coalition parties have already indicated that they want to significantly expand and improve the bill, including by adding ediblesallowing social functions within Cannabis Clubs and reducing penalties for possession, among other things.

Legalization of cannabis in Germany: the bill

The proposed bill aims to legalize cannabis, a previously illegal substance, for personal use under certain conditions.

The proposal maintains the restriction of legal possession and consumption of cannabis to adults. It would also allow private possession and cultivation of cannabis plants for non-commercial communities.

The German government says this bill will contribute to a more responsible use of cannabis and improve health protection.

The new regulations in detail

Under the proposed bill, adults will in future be allowed to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis for personal use and cultivate up to three cannabis plants privately. Cannabis plants cultivated privately must, however, be protected against access by children and adolescents.

Non-commercial cultivation associations – Cannabis Clubs – will also be allowed to supply cannabis to their members for their personal use, subject to strict rules. For example, the maximum number of members of these associations is set at 500 people, who must have their residence in Germany. Only one membership in a cultural association is authorized. Distribution of cannabis to members is limited to a maximum of 25 grams per day or 50 grams per month.

Cannabis consumption is prohibited within a 200 meter radius around Cannabis Clubs, schools, nurseries, playgrounds and public sports facilities.

There is also a general ban on advertising and sponsorship of Cannabis Clubs.

The German government has already launched an information campaign. The impact of this change in law on society will be evaluated after four years. Medical cannabis regulations remain unchanged.

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