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Incense banishes certain bad smells from your home and diffuses a pleasant fragrance. We present to you today the incense of the Satya brand and their many fragrances.

Incense: what is it for?

Straight from the Latin term “incendere” which means to burn, incense includes all plant materials that release a natural smell when burning. Today there are 3 different types of incense: resins, wood and vegetable incense. However, so-called real incense comes from resins from a tree that only grows in Africa, the Middle East and India: the Boswellia sacra or incense tree.

Widespread in the rites of various religions around the world, incense has become widely available to become a home fragrance in its own right. It is found in several forms: sticks, cones, but also natural grains, powders, bricks and many others.

What is incense used for?

Incense is used to purify and depending on the type of incense chosen, it can also cleanse and capture bad smells (food, animals, cigarette smoke, etc.).

At the same time, frankincense has long been used as medicine, especially in Ayurvedic medicine, since it is considered anti-inflammatory. In other words, real incense would cure certain lung and liver diseases. It is also likely that real frankincense has an influence on mood by acting directly on hormones.

Satya incense

Satya incense is designed in India, the cradle of ancestral manufacturing techniques. The complex properties of the brand’s incense make it a premium and natural product. There are many variations allowing you to find the best perfume for your interior. From jasmine, through rose, patchouli and ayurveda, you will also find many complex compositions with intoxicating scents.

Satya incense meets IFRA standards as well as REACH regulations. The manufacturing method is passed down from generation to generation and the raw materials used are of the highest quality. This traditional incense is nevertheless offered at an affordable price, at less than 3 euros for 15 grams.

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