Czech cannabis magazine Legalizace found guilty on appeal

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Earlier this month, Czech activist and editor of cannabis magazine Legalizace, Robert Veverka, was found guilty on appeal of “inciting and promoting drug addiction”, he revealed in a Facebook post. , after being sentenced in November 2021.

The following text is a free translation of his message:

“Legalizace magazine has spread drug addiction through its content, the court confirms it.

With today’s verdict, the Land Court of Ostrava upheld the finding of the District Court of Bruntál that I committed the crime of spreading drug addiction by publishing the magazine Legalizace. According to a report by ČTK, the court changed my suspended sentence to a fine of 100,000 CZK, (€4,281.16) for the publisher of the magazine Legalizace, on the other hand, the fine was increased to 150,000 CZK (€6,421.74).

As for the exact definition of the act and the justification of the verdict, we are waiting for the written preparation and, after studying it, we will decide with the lawyer whether to approach the license application. Regardless of this decision, however, the award stands.

The future of Legalizace magazine remains uncertain until I know the exact definition of my illegal conduct, that is, where exactly and with what I accomplished the true essence of the crime of spreading drug addiction, l he existence of the first cannabis magazine remains in legal limbo.

The fact that I was convicted for publishing information about cannabis, I continue to consider it a systemic fault of the paragraph on the spread of addiction. It is mostly outdated legislation which, combined with a conservative view of cannabis and its users, perpetuates the narrative that informing about cannabis or its unauthorized consumption must be severely punished.

I firmly believe that not only will this help my cause, but also the long-awaited drug law change that is being discussed today at the highest political and expert levels and will lead to a definitive end to the senseless war against drugs.

PS If you are not indifferent to the fact that Czech courts restrict the right to free dissemination of information on cannabis, you can support the cause here: Any support is greatly appreciated! »

Czech Republic on track to legalize cannabis

The timing of this legal action is quite extraordinary. Indeed, the Czech Republic is about to legalize cannabis, including home cultivation.

Two-thirds of the population are in favor of it and estimates provide for 26 to 75 million euros per year in the state coffers. The President of the Czech Republic is also in favor of the legalization of cannabis.

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