But why are e-cigs banned in some countries?

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If the electronic cigarette proves to be an alternative to cigarettes, it remains relatively controversial. Indeed, all countries are not on the same footing when it comes to e-cigarettes. Explanations.

The e-cigarette: a controversial device

Since its launch, the electronic cigarette has attracted more and more smokers. Some even found it a means of weaning off the classic cigarette. It must be said that the variety of tastes, but also the possibility of choosing an e-liquid with or without nicotine is a major asset.

Nevertheless, the WHO report and certain other health organizations such as Santé Publique France have reservations about the potential toxicity of these famous e-liquids. Indeed, the steam released from the e cigarette does not contain tobacco, no tars and also no carbon monoxide, but particles suspected of being carcinogenic.

Some countries prefer to play it safe

If France is one of the countries that have authorized the e-cigarette, others oppose it. Thus in Brazil and India for example, the mere marketing of these products is totally illegal and India goes even further by banning vaping in many states.

Other countries ban e-cigarettes, such as the United States, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Mexico and many others. In Europe, Austria, Finland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Norway remain firmly opposed.

If you like to travel in Thailand, know that it is strictly forbidden to appear with an electronic cigarette. Cambodia is even stricter by banning the import of e-cigarettes, just like Indonesia, which only allows their use on prescription.

Some countries tolerate e-cigarettes, but with certain restrictions. This is how in China, Australia, Tasmania or Japan, nicotine e-liquids are prohibited. The same is true for some states in Malaysia.

In the event of non-compliance with these rules, customs may confiscate products that attempt to cross fraudulently. Fines can vary between 200 and 2,000 euros depending on the country. In some countries like Malaysia, vaping is punishable by 2 years imprisonment and 10 years for Thailand!

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