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Glass Pharms proudly announces that it has raised 22 million pounds (26 million euros) to create the very first cannabis farm ” carbon neutral ‘. This 2.5 hectare indoor grow site will be located in the south of England. The cannabis produced on site will be heavily dosed with THC, and intended for pharmaceutical companies.

To produce without polluting, the British company promises a “Green electricity”. Its production “Transforms waste food into energy all year round and avoid releasing methane, a powerful greenhouse gas ”. This is the principle of anaerobic digestion: the decomposition of organic matter creates biogas, methane. This can then turn into heat or electricity.

In addition, Glass Pharms claims to have a “Significant solar energy production” on its site, which should supply 40% of the electricity. It will be used in particular for LED lamps, which consume a lot of energy. Finally, the company promises that it will use each resource in ” closed circuit “. For example, “The excess heat and carbon dioxide will be used to heat, cool, or feed our cannabis plants”.

Cannabis, a very polluting agriculture

To verify all these promises, the British company assures that the production site will be approved. This will allow it to validate its “carbon neutral” status. “We will create a secure supply chain, and at the same time, we are part of the UK’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050,” congratulated the CEO of the company in the press release.

On its website, Glass Pharms also sends a small tackle slipped to its competitors. “We don’t need to rely on offsets to claim our carbon neutrality”. A reference to the Canadian giant Hexo, which promises to be carbon neutral … by not changing its production model, but by planting trees.

Cannabis companies are gradually becoming aware of the ecological weight they represent. Even if many perceive the plant as “green”, its industrial cultivation is very polluting. A recent study from Colorado shows that producing one gram of cannabis is like burning more than a liter of gasoline.

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