What is an e-cigarette ring used for?

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Some e-cigarette users use small accessories to extend its lifespan. Among those that can be found on the market, the ring remains one of the most used. Decryption.

What is an e-cigarette finger ring

As you probably already know, the maintenance of your e-cigarette is essential to ensure its durability. If you do not carry out regular cleaning and special care of the parts, your electronic cigarette may drop the soul quickly. There are also small accessories that can help you make your e-cigarette last longer. This is the case of the famous rings.

It is simply a small silicone or sometimes rubber ring, the purpose of which is to seal the tank. Indeed, it is placed between the tank and the atomizer, so that the liquid does not flow. As a general rule, all Electronic cigarettes are equipped with it when purchased. However, these parts change over time, which is why it is important to change them from time to time.

How to choose your e-liquid ring?

According to the sayings, the ring should be changed every 15 uses. However, depending on the e-liquids used, these may need to be changed more or less often. Remember to regularly check the condition of your ring in order to change it at the appropriate time.

Not all e-cigarette rings are the same! In addition to the difference in materials, they can have a particular shape as well as a size that varies. It is therefore very important to check the type of ring mounted on your electronic cigarette, in order to be able to change it with complete peace of mind.

If you go to a specialized store, all you have to do is bring the old ring back for the seller to change it for you with a similar model. If you want to buy it online, do not hesitate to measure or take the references. Some sites indicate compatibility with brands or models. It can be useful!

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