The various luxury smoking articles of the Porsche brand

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When talking about Porsche, the majority of people will refer to sports cars. However, a handful of insiders also know that the famous Prancing Horse brand also shines in luxury smoking accessories. Focus on the Porsche Design brand.

Porsche Design: a prestigious brand

We no longer present the Porsche brand, now world famous. Inherited from Ferdinand Alexander Porsche since 1963, it offers high-end vehicles, the very first of which remains the essential 911. Over time, Porsche has carved out a solid reputation and is one of the most prestigious brands in the world. automotive world. Taking advantage of its notoriety, it quickly developed into other worlds, such as lifestyle and sports fashion, as well as accessories (luggage, glasses, watches), but also in electronics and smoking accessories.

Smoking accessories from the Porsche brand

Maintaining its prestigious side, Porsche now designs smoking articles in the broad sense. Indeed, whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes and even hookah, Porsche has established itself in all smoking sectors.

The materials used are all more noble than each other and the design is as elegant as that of luxury cars. Flawlessly reliable, smoking accessories are designed by specialists in the field and are also equipped with all the relentless technology of the car manufacturer.

The Porsche hookah and its various accessories

The Porsche hookah is available in two models themselves offered in two different colors. Sober and elegant, they are available from 1,650 euros each.

Note that there are also two shisha accessories sold by Porsche. The first is none other than the spare glass vase. This allows you not to have to buy a whole hookah if the vase were to break. The second is just as useful and essential since it is the replacement hose designed in leather for maximum resistance over time.

The Porsche lighter and cigar cutter

Several models of Porsche lighters are also available from 99 euros, as well as cigar cutters for lovers of swirls. Sobriety is required for these smoking accessories which are nonetheless discreet, functional and effective.

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