The art of taking pleasure in smoking a pipe

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Smoking a pipe is an undeniable art. A pipe smoker always has more presence than a cigarette smoker, if only because he holds a finely crafted object in the palm of his hand. Here is why pipe smoking is a pleasure and an art.

Smoking a pipe: an art of living

From the 18th century, pipe smokers became more numerous before becoming scarce with the appearance of cigarettes. Today, 1% of them smoke a pipe and the youngest are also increasingly interested in it. Pipe smokers seek excellence, which is why they are increasingly fond of good pipes made with good wood. Moreover, the pipe smoker took his time to choose his first pipe.

A quality pipe is also sometimes characterized by its price, although today it is possible to obtain very good ones at a very affordable price. The more qualitative the wood, the more the aromas of the tobacco will be preserved and therefore, the more the experience will be positive and pleasant.

The smoker’s gestures must show finesse. Likewise, habits and manner of smoking should be the subject of a millimeter ritual.


These small gestures that make the difference

Facial expressions, gestures, method of aspiration, way of breathing, all these expressions are not identical from one smoker to another. Already, they differ between a cigarette smoker and a pipe smoker. This will make the experience unique, especially in small details, such as how to expel bouffards and the smell of burnt tobacco that has nothing to do with that of a cigarette.

A pipe smoker can also be considered a gentleman in the world of smokers. It is elegant and leaves no trace of its passage, except for a slight smell of woody tobacco, as well as ashes. No residue will litter the ground. Is it also good to remember that pipe smoking is not an addiction, but a pleasure, a parenthesis that we offer ourselves during the day, as some people like to take a bath, play sports or go for a walk.

It is also an art passed down from generation to generation, in particular by bequeathing pipes from father to son or even daughters!

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