California relaxes (a little) the rules of the cannabis trade

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Faced with the bronca of cannabis traders, the State of California publishes new rules. They must relax the regulations, which are far too bureaucratic according to professionals in the sector. the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) – the California regulator – must now walk on a tightrope, so as not to completely lose the link with the industry.

First novelty, claimed for a long time: merchants will be able to sell cannabis “appellation of origin”, if they request it. These appellations will reward the quality of a terroir, as can be done with wine or cheese in France.

The DCC will also allow cannabis consumers to pick up their products directly on the sidewalk, using the in-store pick-up method implemented in many businesses during the covid-19 pandemic.

Finally, it will be easier to transport cannabis in your car, whether for the consumer, the merchant, or the delivery person. For example, Californians will be able to transport their cannabis home, provided it is in a “safe area” of the car, such as the glove box.

California’s cannabis system is a ‘national joke’

the Department of Cannabis Control wants to listen to the cannabis industry. “These proposals are the result of the feedback we received by mail, meetings or conversations”welcomes its director in a press release.

Lately the Governor of California and the DCC have been under heavy attack. The cannabis trade in the state is a “national joke”according to a petition from industrialists in the sector. “California’s cannabis system is a public policy lesson in what not to do. California’s world-renowned cannabis artisans are literally killing themselves. They’re trying to survive on a chessboard you’ve invited them to, but it’s rigged. »

California legalized cannabis in 2017. But since then, the legal market has struggled to compete with the much cheaper black market. To reverse the trend, a law should soon lower taxes on cannabis, which are particularly high in the state.

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