Moetai Brotherson, French deputy, proposes to legalize cannabis in Polynesia

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Moetai Brotherson, MP for French Polynesia, tabled a bill on Tuesday March 15 to legalize cannabis in Polynesia.

Acting on the one hand on the failures of the French prohibition of drugs in general and cannabis in particular, and on the other hand the impossibility of carrying out an experimentation of therapeutic cannabis in Polynesia, the Polynesian deputy proposes more simply to experiment with the legalization cannabis for 5 years in the archipelago.

This legalization experiment called “Social Regulation of Cannabis” would be organized through several tools:

  • A “Public Authority for the regulation and control of cannabis” which would make it possible to secure any activity relating to cannabis, including medical
  • An ambitious deterrence and care policy focused on the challenges of problematic cannabis use, for optimal protection of young people and dignified, multifactorial care for people with addictive use
  • A training policy for those involved in experimentation, to raise awareness and professionalize the professions in the sector
  • An anchoring in the reality of the territory of Polynesia, which will be able to create the model that suits it, for example by favoring the cultivation of endemic varieties

The sharing of competences between France and the overseas collectivity would be framed by 3 laws: an organic law which sets the framework for experimentation, an ordinary law which organizes the competence of the State within the framework of the experimentation, and a law of the country organizing the competence of the territory of French Polynesia in experimentation.

The details of the experiment

The experimentation of a legalization of cannabis called “social regulation of cannabis” on the territory of Polynesia would be authorized for a period of 5 years. It wants to be “solidarity, eco-responsible and local[e] “.

Any adult adult or any person suffering from a pathology certified by a doctor, on medical prescription, may possess up to 30 grams of cannabis or its equivalent, 1 gram of dried cannabis corresponding to 5 grams of fresh cannabis, 15 grams of edible, 70 grams of liquid product or 0.25 grams of concentrate. Sick people will be able to have more as prescribed by their doctor.

Specialized points of sale will be responsible, under licence, for the distribution of cannabis, with a ban on advertising outside the place of sale and on setting up near a school or similar establishment.

Self-cultivation of cannabis would be authorized and limited to six plants per household, with the obligation to declare to the public authority.

Cannabis Clubs are authorized to grow and distribute cannabis to their members, up to a limit of thirty grams per member per month.

The Cannabis Regulation and Control Authority will determine the cultivars accepted for experimentation, on the non-limiting basis of an official catalog of cannabis cultivars already present in French Polynesia, established by the Ministry of Agriculture of Polynesia. French.

The experiment would allow de facto the cultivation of cannabis for medical use and its export.

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