Is THC in CBD detectable in the blood?

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Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a molecule extracted from the cannabis plant. More and more popular for its relaxing properties, many of us wonder if the THC of this substance is detectable in the blood. Here are several insights into this cannabinoid naturally found in cannabis plants.

CBD, a popular cannabinoid

Like other cannabinoids, CBD is made from different kinds of cannabis plants, such as Sativa L. Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids extracted by expert botanists. Well known to the general public, CBD is not considered a narcotic due to its low THC content in its natural state. Cannabidiol has no psychotropic effect on the consumer and allows you to benefit from the properties of hemp, without the “high” or soaring effect.

Also nicknamed “therapeutic cannabis”, CBD is currently the subject of a myriad of studies carried out in France by scientific researchers as part of a medical experiment. Although this molecule is democratizing at great speed in the world, some wonder if the amount of THC contained in this molecule is detectable during a cannabis screening test. So what is it really?

How can THC be detected?

Cannabidiol users often ask themselves this question: is the THC in CBD-derived products detectable in the context of an anti-drug roadside check? First of all, you should know that a drug test during a roadside check is not intended to detect CBD, but THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychotropic substance contained in cannabis plants.

The special tests for cannabidiol come mainly in the form of urine or saliva tests, hair analyzes and many more. Cannabidiol-based products, in the form of e-liquids, oils, crystals or even food, can in rare cases cause a positive result in the screening test, due to their too high THC level. . You should know that in CBD products, the THC level is normally very low, but it is potentially detectable from a certain threshold.

Nonetheless, it is almost impossible that a product containing a low level of CBD can provide a positive THC test unless the THC concentration does not match that stated on the product. For information, French legislation in this area allows a maximum THC level of 0.2%. Beyond this limit rate set by law, the products are considered illegal in France.

Focus on the different types of cannabis screening

Several kinds of cannabis screening tests exist today. When the body takes in THC, the molecule can be detected for a long time, and depending on the nature of the test. Here is some information on how long it is possible to test positive for THC:

Blood test

Most of the time, blood tests are done in the lab. THC consumption via this type of test can be detected for 2 and 8 hours with occasional use (up to 72 hours for a THC-COOH test), and up to one month if consumption is frequent. (up to more than a month after the last consumption with a THC-COOH test).

Urine test

Overall a urine test will have a much longer detection time. The duration varies depending on the amount of THC absorbed by the consumer’s body. The higher the amount of THC, the longer the duration will be. For the heaviest cannabis users, this period can extend up to several months.

Saliva test

Generally, THC has a fairly short detection time in saliva. This type of test can potentially be positive between 4 hours and 6 hours after smoking a joint or consuming a cannabidiol product, the THC level of which is detectable by the test. In this case, it depends on the THC concentration and the metabolism of the user. The main reason for this phenomenon is that THC binds to fat. Therefore, its elimination time can be very long.

Hair test

Among the most reliable tests performed today, hair tests stand out from the crowd. You should know that THC can be detected up to 90 days after absorption through this type of drug test.

In short, consumers are strongly advised to ensure that CBD-based products are of high quality and that their production method is carried out properly, in order to guard against unpleasant surprises during a roadside check.

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