How is a shisha made?

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If there are many brands of hookahs, all of them design their products on a more or less similar pattern. To find out how hookahs are made, follow the guide!

What is a shisha?

To begin, it is good to explain what a shisha is. This is a water pipe for smoking tobacco. Its origin comes from the Middle East and the word chicha, of Persian origin, means “glass”.

There are many models, more or less large. The shisha can be smoked alone or with others. Its originality comes from the fact that it is possible to enhance tobacco with several natural essences, such as fruits, herbs and other flavors.

The making of shisha

In the past, hookahs were all made by hand. They were therefore unique pieces, but not always optimal. Today, design techniques have evolved a lot. Some manufacturers continue to blow glass or shape certain pieces by hand, retaining ancestral know-how. Others preferred to machine their parts to optimize the quality of their products.

There are luxury hookahs, all meticulously handcrafted. They meet a very specific demand from demanding customers. On the other hand, it is easy to find miniature hookahs at very affordable prices. Between the two, several manufacturers offer very good signature hookahs, as aesthetic as they are practical.

The various elements of a shisha

The main asset of a shisha remains its glass vase. It can be declined in several different models, as well as in several colors. It is to this vase that the chicha owes its name. It must be filled with water when in use. This is surmounted by a valve, serving as a link between the vase and the combustion system.

Above the vase, the ashtray and the hearth surmount the chicha so as to allow the combustion of coal and tobacco. Finally, the shisha wouldn’t be one if it didn’t have a hose!

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