For François Braun, neither medical cannabis nor recreational cannabis

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While the German Minister of Health presented his plan to legalize cannabis, believing that prohibition was a risk for public health and an opportunity for the black market, François Braun, French Minister of Health, prefers to leave French consumers , sick or not, illegally source cannabis.

What arguments are put forward by François Braun

With regard to medical cannabis, François Braun explained himself on the desert of French medical cannabis by holding cannabis experimentation, claiming recently on BFM TV the need to reach the objective set of 3,000 patients included .

However, the ANSM has never set this objective, the principle of the experiment being solely “to assess, in a real situation, the recommendations of the Committee in terms of prescribing and dispensing conditions and the adherence of health professionals and patients under these conditions.

“I will make decisions” at the end of this experiment on the use of therapeutic cannabis, he added, thus not opening the door to the legalization of medical cannabis in France and not giving more information on the fate of patients already included.

François Braun also highlights the “contrasted scientific results at the international level” of therapeutic cannabis, without further details. It is probably for these same contrasting results that 22 European countries and 38 American states, in addition to Australia or Israel, now prescribe medical cannabis with more or less constraints.

Regarding the legalization of cannabis, the least hypocritical will undoubtedly have been to admit to having consumed “when young”. But beware, the cannabis of today would no longer be the cannabis of yesterday.

“We now have cannabis that is modified, extremely concentrated, which is more like hard drugs than drugs from the 70s,” explains François Braun.

The French Minister of Health is a perfect illustration here of the iron law of prohibition, which states that “the more the application [de la loi] is tough, the more potent the drugs” and the more efficiency they offer in the business model: they take up less space in storage, less weight in transport, and bring in more money.

If the levels of THC in cannabis have increased over the past 50 years, and the varieties are not more balanced in THC:CBD ratio for example, it would therefore be partly because cannabis is prohibited, with no possible control over quality. and power.

François Braun, yet Minister of Health, says he is “personally” opposed to the legalization of cannabis.

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