?️ “Let’s talk Canna! » : The reality of cannabis in Canada: what you need to know about legalization – Alexandre Gauthier

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Parlons Canna is pleased to welcome Alexandre Gauthier, Master grower, expert in cannabis cultivation who will not fail to amaze you. As Vice President of Research and Development, Director of Cultivation and Analyst at Origine Nature, a high quality cannabis cultivation company in Quebec, he knows what he is talking about.

With his 33 years, Alexandre was attracted by the world of cannabis from an early age. Residing in Quebec, he is proud of his French and Quebec nationalities. In this podcast, he will share with us his incredible journey in the world of cannabis.

He will also tell us how he became an undisputed expert in this field and describe the startling reality of cannabis in Canada: its beginnings, its establishment and its impact on society. The Canadian model could give ideas to more than one and make us think twice.

Our guest will also share with us his clear vision of the French market. According to him, the non-legalization of cannabis in France leads to an explosive climate and those who have a negative view of cannabis close their eyes and ears not to inform themselves.

We hope you take the time to immerse yourself in this fascinating episode and listen to Alexander’s perspectives on the world of cannabis. Wishing you a very good listening experience on Parlons Canna!

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