Podcast “Let’s talk Canna!” s02e03: “Cannabis: no downside to legalizing” – Jean-Pierre Couteron

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Jean Pierre Couteron is a clinical psychologist specializing in the issue of addictions. We were curious to know his vision and his analysis of the cannabis market, but especially his opinion on legalization and therefore invited him to Parlons Canna. Former president of the Addiction Federation, he now works in the Young Consumer Consultations and welcomes young people and adults who are addicted to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

Formerly, he led a peaceful life in Castres. Then one day, for family reasons, his family moved to Clermont-Ferrand. A few years later, his mother died of brain cancer. This event will change his life and make him become more “freestyle”.

Today, he is one of those campaigning for the legalization of cannabis. The persistence in the concept according to which one can take pleasure and remove any risk leads to this policy which one currently has affirms our guest. Instead, it would be better to assume that this substance can provide pleasant effects while carrying a number of risks.

Opponents of cannabis legalization often argue that it will create a hard drug market. We may repeat it to them, says Jean-Pierre Couteron, it is a false argument, anyone can not take any product.

For him, there would be no downside to legalizing cannabis, especially given the current level of consumption and trafficking. However, it must be thought out and carried out intelligently and must not copy the bad policy of alcohol, which is to entrust the sale to anyone, without control. Rather than exercising its authority over the user, the State should exercise it over producers and retailers in order to have better quality products, controlled sales and better traceability.

His dream is for us to be able to say that we must secure the system of objects of pleasure as we have secured the system for the sale of drugs.

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